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Trust Delight Nursing Care For Palliative Care Services

Palliative care plays an important role in alleviating short-term symptoms and provides long-term support against chronic diseases to patients. Delight Nursing Care provides comprehensive at-home palliative care services.

  • Basic Medical evaluations such as monitoring for nausea, vomiting, pain, and anxiety
  • Treating wounds and other medical needs
  • Assisting the rehabilitation care and smooth physical exercise
  • Preparing meals to patient’s tastes
  • Frequent talking with the patient and Laughter Therapy
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support also
  • End-of-life care if required

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Palliative care is given by a team of doctors who are specially trained for the same, along with nurses, physiotherapists and others who are specially trained to for this particular type of care. At Delight Nursing Care, we have experienced and trained staff who work exclusively in palliative care, to make the caring process easier and more enriching for your loved one, as well as more reliable for the entire family.

The staff is also trained to work together with any other doctors that your loved one may require, and provide additional support and care.