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As we live in new times, a strong commitment to health is very crucial. Especially for our parents who are in their golden years of life. It is not always possible to take care of their health and be present 24×7 for them physically. Due to the busy schedules, we tend to ignore our aging parents’ health needs unknowingly. But how about we bring all the healthcare needs to you at your home?

CHECK-IN by Delight Nursing Care is a new service, especially for your parents’ healthcare needs. As our parents grow old, there is a constant need for care. Caring for their needs becomes a priority. Checking on their health & well-being needs is crucial in your absence.

Check-In is where you get all the health care & well-being solutions.

Now keeping a check on your parents is easier than ever.

"10,00,000 Patient Visits in Delhi-NCR"

What do CHECK-IN by Delight Nursing Care offer?

24X7 Call Support:

Do your parents or loved ones struggle to get injections/tests or regular medicines? With just one call, get medical support at home.

  • Nurse at home.
  • Travel Support
  • Medicines and Lab Tests
  • Information to the nearest services.

Get your parents safely at the nearby hospital by a fully equipped cardiac ambulance.

Emergency Support:

  • One call can get your loved ones to the nearest hospital safely by a fully equipped cardiac ambulance.
  • Our 24×7 call support helps you through an emergency.
  • Get your parents safely at the nearby hospital by a fully equipped cardiac ambulance.

Routine Health Check at Home:

  • You will have the visibility of your parents’ vitals anytime, anywhere.
  • A trained nurse will check your parents’ vitals regularly at home.

Importance of Check-In Subscription

  • Parents age & current situation:- In the present state, we are facing a barrier we would never have thought we would meet. Obstacles to travel can lead to many problems. Especially to the elderly who have to visit hospitals if they are sick. It is essential to keep them safe. Getting medical help at home can make a difference. Check-In helps you to get all the medical help possible in an emergency.
  • COVID-19 affecting the elderly population:- COVID-19 is majorly affecting the elderly population due to which keeping their health in check is crucial. Making sure your parents get their health checkups at home has become an essential aspect in current times. As Check-in brings the required health care needs at home, you can be stress-free about your parents’ health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Lockdown:- Lockdowns are tough, especially when your loved ones are with a chronic condition or sick. Parents’ health and state of mind takes a toll during such times and can cause even more health problems. Check-in provides you with 24×7 call support and emergency support; it is an essential service, especially during the lockdowns, to keep your parents safe and healthy.

Your absence can cause a health problem.

If you are not living with parents, then their health can be an issue, as most parents tend to ignore their health. Your absence can cause your parents to neglect their healthcare needs. Such neglect can be a problem as the untreated underlying condition can get worse. Using the Check-in service, you can keep an eye on your parents’ vitals regularly. A trained nurse is appointed to check on their health. Now, your absence is no longer an issue.

CHECK-IN by Delight Nursing Care will be your friend to make sure who will look after your parents. Based on our six years’ experience of working with elderly, we understand what you need!

Now, lead a stress-free life and add quality life to your parents’ golden years by using Check-in.