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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
About Delight Nursing Care (DNC):-
Welcome to Delight Nursing Care (DNC) The team of Delight Nursing Care assists you with special services of nurses and attendants at home for the care of the elder care, nursing, new-born baby care, patient care, physiotherapy, etc. Caregivers of Delight Nursing Care are fully verified and assigned to the customer only after being inspected properly his background audits, past experiences and vice versa.
The use of Delight Nursing Care is subject to the following terms of use:
 You can set an appointment with Delight Nursing Care by inquiring at or calling +919310065237, +919311087858 and the appointment will be confirmed only after you have received a response by DNC team. After the appointment has been made by you the team service you need to disclose all the details of the patient appropriately and you also need to assure that the caregivers of DNC will not be troubled in any approach either emotionally or physically and are treated well with dignity and humbleness.
 Before leaving the place, you can check the goods/bags of the attendant and after that we are not responsible for any complaints. On the other hand, DNC pledge to serve you with complete determination and commitment. However, DNC is not responsible for any unfortunate incident by the caregivers as the team is already very fast and crisp in relation to their monitoring and any kind of criminal or negative activity would be a shock to us therefore, any kind of adversity. The company is deeply condemned but has no assurance and you agree to our terms.
 During the service if any Act of God happens then the company is not responsible for it. If you are using our service and any dispute arises out of such use, then the Nursing Care is subject to the laws of Indian government and all the disputes subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
 Caregivers are assigned to you within 12 to 24 hours after the completion of the verification and agreement process. Caregivers are assigned to you for 12 hours or 24 hours. Caregivers are not required to perform any household chores, they are only willing to care for and serve the patient in medical aspect.
 DNC may terminate or cancel services immediately for some actual problems. For example, due to unavailability of staff and termination can be made if we find any misconduct or rude behavior on your part. The service can also be stopped immediately if the payment is due for a long period and is not paid despite being reminded several times.
 When you have taken our services, you will have to pay for rendered service within the 5 days of the end of service. The amount shall be accepted only via cheque or online transaction, and DNC reminds you for the timely payment via email, SMS or call.
 All the rights of the website and other intellectual properties of DNC are reserved; any kind of calamity or mishap will be followed by a strict action by the company.
Note: This is our suggestion to our client please do not pay direct or indirect to our male/female nursing staff and also you are
directed not to hire our male/female staff which is sent by us in any condition. If anything of such kind is found, the legal action may
be initiated against you. The trial services are chargeable. If any attendant reaches and finds the doors locked or if he reaches your
door step and you refuse to avail services that shall be chargeable. By grasping all the terms and conditions mentioned above make
sure you are agreeing with DNC with your all consent and concurrence.

For more queries & support call (+91) 93-110-87-858 or (+91) 93-100-65-237 or email us at